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Jimmy Choo Beauty Collection

 Introducing Jimmy Choo's Beauty Collection!  

If you're a follower on my Instagram you'll know I love my Jimmy Choo heels..therefore when I heard about their new beauty collection, I couldn't contain my excitement!  Jimmy Choo Beauty includes ten satin finish lipsticks, high gloss nail polishes and six fragrances.  The lipsticks are full coverage in a gold case and feature the JC monogram.  The nail polishes are my personal favourite and a must have addition to my beauty collection. Displayed in glassed bottle and an elongated brush embossed with Jimmy Choo.  The collection is inspired by the confident and daring spirit at the heart of Jimmy Choo.  

Images Jimmy Choo

Milan Fashion Week: Versace Fall 2021

Thanks to Donatella, we finally welcome Gigi Hadid back to runway!  This was her first show since giving birth to daughter Khai.  And yes, she's now a red head!  Gigi was joined alongside her sister Bella, making it the perfect touch to Versace's Fall 2021 collection.  The collection featured a new monogram, La Greca, an updated take on Versace's signatory monogram.  Chunky platform shoes were paired with opaque tights and mini dresses.  Midi skirts paired with cropped tops.  Vinyl trench coats, flares, monogrammed coats, head scarfs and even turtle necks.  The majority of the pieces were dark and neutral toned, but complimented with surprising dashes of bright bold colour.  A very wearable and appropriate post lockdown collection. It's perhaps one of my favourite collections this season!           

Images Vogue Runway