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Never Fear, Flipsters are Here!

A few weeks ago I attended Fashion Weekend Sydney. There I ran into Ben and Rick the creators of the amazing footwear innovation, Flipsters whom I met a year ago at Fashion Forward Festival. I was really excited to see just how much Flipsters had grown since then! When I first blogged Flipsters a year ago, there was one style and about two colours to choose from.  A year later and the Flipsters original style is now available in more colours and the Flipsters product range now includes fold up ballerina Flipsters flats. When I'm not in heels I'm in ballerina flats, so when Ben and Rick handed me a pair of Flipsters ballerina flats to try, I was quite excited! The Flipsters flats are available in three colours, black, silver and black and white. Whilst I spent the time trying to decide which colour to choose (a very hard decision because I love all three), the guys' main aim was to ensure comfort and fit with the right size. Sizes range from 5-12, so no matter what your size, Flipsters have you covered. So what do I love about my new Flipsters flats? The most important thing, comfort. The sole of the shoe is cushioned and strategically designed to ensure comfort. What amazes me about Flipsters is how they small, directly into a little pouch, that can fit into a clutch and weigh next to nothing! If only I had a pair of Flipster flats during fashion week! For more information or to purchase a pair of Flipsters head to Oh and I ended up with the black pair.. I'm always in tights and they suit them perfectly.

Constance Jablonski for Harper's Bazaar UK

Constance Jablonski never ceases to amaze me!  This time she is gracing the pages of Harper's Bazaar UK's May 2011 issue...A combination of minimalistic pieces, mixed with vibrant prints.

Camilla takes us back to the days of Woodstock!

She's the Kaftan Queen, one of Rachel Zoe's "most cherished worldly designers" and her pieces are endorsed by celebrities including Oprah, Beyonce, Fergie, Elle Macpherson and Nicole Kidman.. I'm talking about the one and only Camilla Franks, whom I was so fortunate to meet and view her amazing new A/W 2011 Woodstock collection. I recently attended an exclusive event at Camilla Franks' Bondi Beach House boutique. Camilla's Beach House is exquisite! It's her 'baby', her little sanctuary and after spending the afternoon there, I can see why!
To my surprise, Camilla actually began her career in theatre. However, it wasn't too long before Camilla discovered she had a natural flair and talent for design. Camilla's pieces are sold in high end boutiques and luxury department stores across the world...not forgetting she has three gorgeous boutiques in Australia and sold nationally in David Jones stores and online. When I think about Camilla's pieces, I automatically think long kaftans, vibrant neon colours, psychedelic and unique prints and exquisite beading, featured in her S/S 2010/11 Babylon collection. However, Camilla claims she has two sides to her personality her bubbly and vibrant (her Babylon collection) and her more relaxed, love of nature and music side (her Woodstock collection). Camilla's current collection is inspired none other than the famous Woodstock Festival of 1969..think rock music like Jimmy Hendrix, hippie fashion, campfires, peace and mother nature. For this collection Camilla remained true to her design aesthetic, but decided to add a few new colours, techniques, pieces, styles and prints. Camilla opted for a traditional winter pallet with natural earthy tones. Camilla gave us an insight into the different ways to wear a kaftan.. you name it, long, short and even a skirt! The versatility is unbelievable and so trans-seasonal. Her Woodstock collection incorporates her signatory kaftan, however, now it’s all about 'layering'. Take the kaftan and create your own style, by adding layers! Camilla's product range has increased and now includes, leggings, leather vests, harem pants, cashmere knitted jumpers, camisoles, reversible cardigan, beanies, scarfs, shoes and my favourite, the 70s turbans! What intrigues me most about Camilla's collections, especially this one, is her attention to detail. Each print is unique. Camilla designs her prints, one even featuring her jewellery. Each piece is individually printed so it sits perfectly on the varying necklines and silhouettes. Her use of Swarovski crystals, beading and silks is exquisite. As for the leather vest? Camilla used an old art form where stones are embedded in the leather and then hand painted. Camilla embraces every woman's shape and size by enabling each individual to adapt and style the pieces according to their shape.
Not only do I love Camilla's unique aesthetic, but I also love her warm and friendly personality. She really took the time to talk to everyone and made us feel really welcomed. It was a pleasure meeting Camilla, her 'kaftan princesses' and the team from Hush Communications.
(Images taken by me)

Camilla Franks on the right
Camilla's Babylon Collection
Camilla Franks on the right
 (Image below - Hush Communications)
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RAFW 2011 wrap up!

After two weeks of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week posts, I've finally come to the end.. Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, was exciting and unforgettable and I was so fortunate to witness such exquisite collections by some of my favourite designers. I really wanted to report for every designer who invited me to their show because I appreciated every invite! Last year I volunteered and this year I was a guest.. words cannot explain how amazing that was! I've been asked by so many people as to what my favourite parts of fashion week were...The moment I walked into the Carla Zampatti show and my seat was reserved with my name and The Lilac Mannequin written on it, it was so surreal...meeting such amazing people, editors, bloggers, photographers and guests...hanging out at the HP and Intel Media Bar...the never ending goodie bags (with a supply of beauty products, clothing, lookbooks, accessories and vouchers!)...And of course all the amazing shows!  Yes it was exhausting running from show to show and standing in lines (with heels), but I honestly can't complain, it was one of the most amazing experiences.  I cannot wait till next year!  
Whilst I wasn't in attendance at some of the shows I would've loved to attend (limited capacity), I thought I'd still share a few of my favourite pieces from the collections.


Camilla and Marc
Lisa Ho
Dion Lee
Alex Perry

Toni Maticevski

(Images Zimbio)
Until next year...
(Images - The Lilac Mannequin)