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'Today was a fairytale'

Why would you be any old bride, when you could be a Vogue Bride?!  Personally my dream wedding gown would be designed by Marchesa or Vera Wang or Oscar de la Renta!  I'll be turning the aisle into a runway :) Besides a girl marrying her prince charming, the next most important thing is the gown.  From the big traditional gowns to the gowns with a modern twist.  Since I have a lot of people around me at the moment engaged to be married, thought I'd feature the latest collections from the bridal shows of Spring/Summer 2011 for a bit of inspiration!
Vera Wang
Oscar de la Renta
Badgley & Mischka
Monique Lhuillier
Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Update
They are calling it the calm before the storm.
I don't know about calm.  I've heard that everyone in the industry is in a frenzy! - Including myself!  Rumour has it, Romance was Born is taking the whole day to prep their runway!  I wonder what crazy theme they have in store this year! 

Zimmermann, Zimmermann Oh So Zimmermann!

The other day in class we were asked who our favourite Australian Designer is. This question normally leaves me at a standstill, because I love Australian fashion. Half the class said Sass and Bide, but at the moment, without hesitation, I have a Zimmermann infatuation! In the past two month I feel as though I’ve bought half of their current collection! The delicate silks, silhouettes, femininity factor and colours (because they love lilac) are completely amazing. At the moment Zimmermann clothing gives me that completely ‘I die’ Rachel Zoe moment and because of this, the list of pieces I want continues to expand! It seems as though it has the same effect on New Yorkers.
Zimmermann is currently stocked in America, in high department stores like Barney’s, Saks, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Intermix. However, due to its high demand (and well the best international marketing strategy) sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann plan to open up their very first pop up store in Greene Street Soho, in June. The sisters are taking their apparel, swimwear, handbags and footwear and making it directly available to New Yorkers, in one place via their first street front store. According to Zimmermann they are taking it ‘slow and steady’, however, this is only a small part of their major plans for US expansion.

ROSEMOUNT UPDATE: As Rosemount draws closer and closer, I cannot hold back the excitement! On Monday morning at 9am Lisa Ho will dazzle us with her collection and officially open Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010/11! As I’m so obsessed with the fashion world, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is one of the best weeks of the year! Even better, this year I will be working there! I’m currently set to work at the Therese Rawsthorne, Romance was Born (which is one of the craziest shows!), and Dion Lee shows, which is completely amazing! Being in the presence of fashion’s elite for Rosemount Fashion Week, words cannot explain, I am honestly living my dream! Be sure to check the Lilac Mannequin daily, for constant Rosemount Fashion Week updates and for full scheduling be sure to check the Rosemount Fashion Week website!

Haute Couture!

The weekend, a time of total inspiration for my blog from fashion to just general conversation. This post is inspired by a conversation I had with ‘someone’ over the weekend. He told me about his plans to attend a Haute Couture fashion themed party. Of course I thought it was the best theme ever, when we actually figured out the theme! Yes, not everyone knows the language of fashion, its meaning and well the pronunciation! (Yes I'm still laughing and his pronunciation was adorable!) Fortunately, I was there to lend a helping hand and so I thought it was time to give the low down on fashion jargon.
Fashion language… till this day I still learn new terms, from my styling class, to fashion journalism and even my visual merchandising class.  Except I thought I'd inform you on the three most important words in fashion language.  That's right, Haute Couture, Ready to Wear and Avant-Garde. All three terms derive from the runway.
Haute Couture is French for high sewing or high dress making.  Haute Couture garments are those one off exclusive and extravagant pieces, normally only a vision for the general public.  They are worn on the runways and red carpets.  These pieces involve creative genius and allow designers to go above and beyond expressing different views!  They are of high standard, using only the highest quality materials and fabrics and normally involve a high level of detail.
Dior - This collection was unbelievable! And well anything with a bow is good in my books!
Chanel, Chanel, Chanel... Love, Love, Love!
Elie Saab
Ready to wear is pretty self explanatory.  It's the collections you can take straight from the runway and wear them day to day.  Ready to wear are those collections available to the public, mass produced and made in a variety of sizes.
Alexis Mable
Avant-Garde... think extravagant and times it by 10! Avant-Garde collections are when fashion turns into pure art.  When designers push the limits and what is socially acceptable to express an opinion.  It's radical, creative, innovative and normally theatrical.  It's like nothing you have ever seen before!
Christian Siriano (From the Project Runway Avant-Garde challenge)

Fashion Frenemies!

I can never get enough of MTV's The City! Now it's returning and I can't wait.  The City is my biggest fashion inspiration at the moment.  I love the new promotional shoot for the upcoming season!!  These days, I say the higher the better which is evident in my current shoe collection!
I want Roxy's belt... love anything metallic!
These heels make her legs look longer than what they already are.. amazing!
Loving this outfit, classic but edgy!
I need her wardrobe!  A classic skirt, cardigan and pumps never looked so good!

Constance Jablonski

Model Constance Jablonski... Not only do I adore her as she has the same name as me, but she is a model that has rapidly risen and blessed the fashion world with her presence.  She is definitely a model to watch!  Just recently, Constance was the first French model to be signed as the new face of Estee Lauder along with model Lui Wen.  According to Aerin Lauder, Senior Vice President, Creative Director, of  Estée Lauder, "Constance and Liu Wen are the beauties of our time. Both models have quickly captured the attention of the fashion and beauty world.”  They both join the list of elite celebrities and models.  The global advertising campaign is set to debut June 2010.  Thought I would post this recent editorial shoot featuring Constance in Vogue UK May 2010.   

Magical Makeovers

It’s been a while, I feel like I’ve neglected my fellow Fashionistas! After a long week of study, it’s back to the wonderful world of fashion and just in time for the countdown to Rosemount Fashion Week! Just less than two weeks away, can you feel the fashion in the air? I know, l love fashion!
As I have a keen interest in styling, editorial and fashion journalism it’s important that I’m constantly fashion forward, trend forecasting, drawing from unique inspiration and pretty much standing out from the crowd. However, we’re told that the best way to trend forecast is look around you and take it to the streets. Except sometimes, I think I’d rather stick to the runways… Yes, I’m talking about, well, those fashion don’ts! I think most people have the potential and since I love styling, visualising a makeover to create a classic glamour, is part of the norm. I love watching shows like Trinny and Sussanah and Style Her Famous! Makeovers can change people’s lives. I’m a believer that a dash of designer, a sprinkle of etiquette, a little blush, a touch of class and a pinch of pretty and well just embracing natural beauty.. Can transform anyone and create a magical makeover!
When I think of makeovers, I think of the girls from MTV’s Jersey Shore. For those of you that don’t know, Jersey Shore is America’s latest TV show phenomenon. It’s been described as the “Real World on steroids”. The show follows the lives of the Italian Americans who describe themselves as Guidos and Guidettes, put together to live in a house in the Jersey Shore. Think, fake tans, sleeked hair, rooftop hot tubs, trashy nightclubs, fist pumping, drama and oh so mini clothing. A major call for a dramatic makeover. Yes, I’m talking about Jersey Shores very own Snooki, JWoww and Sammi. Harper’s Bazaar, along with socialite Tinsley Mortimer, staged an intervention and sent the girls to charm school. As well as being schooled in etiquette they were given complete makeovers. It seemed as though they had a major “situation” on their hands.
I think they did an amazing job and made these girls look a million dollars! Except you can take the girl out of the Jersey Shore, but you can’t take the Jersey Shore out of the girl. That’s right after their complete fashion makeovers and a crash course in etiquette, they went right back to where they started!

Pretty in Hot Pink

Hot pink, a colour that could cause a major fashion disaster if not worn correctly!  As colour, such as hot pink is a big trend this season, what is the best way to wear it?  Take a cue from Manhattan Socialite Tinsley Mortimer (you may remember her when she guest stared on Gossip Girl).  This number is total perfection!  It amazes me how well she incorporates hot pink into the outfit.  The contrast between the navy Dior dress and the hot pink shoes, whilst complimented with the hot pink bag is genius!  She has given hot pink that classy edge!  Embrace the Tinsley look, add a touch of pink (like an accessory) and contrast it with a basic colour (like navy and lilac) whilst keeping the outfit simple (like a simple dress).  Let the focal point of your outfit be that dash of colour, which gives that unexpected twist to your outfit!

The City v The Hills

The rumours are true, the Hills is finally in it's last season.  Except we all knew once Lauren left that Kristin had no chance!  (Good always prevails over evil!) Except I will miss the crazy drama, but then again that's why we have the City.  The City has the drama, better eye candy and the fashion!  From Whitney to Olivia, the fashion inspiration is never ending!  I'm loving this City photo shoot and thought I would also post the new promotional shoot for the Hills.
The City
I want the dress and I want the shoes!  I can never get enough of metallics especially when it comes to shoes!
There's something about Olivia. It's totally a love/hate situation.  Since everyone is such a Whitney lover, we can't help but hate Olivia.  Yet, I want her job and I want her clothes.  I've never been a fan of red shoes, but the way Olivia has pulled them off, they are so tempting!  I'm also loving the little black number.  So simple and classic with emphasis on her statement piece jewellery.  However, I'm drawn to the way she has transformed something leather and predominately edgy, and made it so elegant!  I have a feeling there will be a lot more Olivia posts to come! Well done Olivia!
The Hills Promo Shots Season 6
I'm surprised to see Brody in this shot and not the 'lovely gentleman' well all know and love, Justin Bobby. (maybe a hint for the new season ahead?)  But, besides that, straight away I'm drawn to Audrina's shoes!  Another item to my want/need list!
Heidi, Hollywood's official fashion don't and well actually, a don't in general.  My blogs first official fashion don't!  It is not fashionable to be fake.. Fake hair, fake tan, fake well body, fake personality and well way too much make up - Poor Heidi! 
I love Lo's hair in this shot, it's so cute!