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Fashion Weekend Sydney

The fashion frenzy ended with Shop Til You Drop's Fashion Weekend SydneyThe last time I attended Fashion Weekend Sydney was back when it very first started about three years ago.  Since then it has evolved dramatically!  They have definitely become a lot more popular.  The best way to describe Shop til You Drop's Fashion Weekend is basically shop till you literally drop.  What started as a few hours ended in a whole day! Did I mention that the clothing was discounted?! Included with the never ending shopping was a catwalk show to completely tempt everyone to shop even more!  The catwalk shows were on the hour and included collections by Lucette, This is Genevieve, Fleur Wood, Hussy, Laurence Pasquier, Muccia, Shakuhachi, Little Joe Woman, Life with Bird, Camilla and of course the one and only Nicola Finetti.  The collections were supported by models from Vivien's Model Management, Make Up by NP Set, Hair by Toni and Guy, Nails by Essie and Shoes by Peeptoe.  Other designer stores included designers such as Ellery, Marnie Skillings, Maurie and Eve (where I bought a cute little dress), Ginger and Smart, Bracewell, Shona Joy, Seventh Wonderland, as well as my friends from Fashion Forward Weekend, the guys from Flipsters!  I love how there was a combination of established designers as well as new comers.
And if you got tired of shopping (that's impossible, well for me anyway!), you could sit back for a beauty makeover, get your hair styled, your nails done, have your photo taken, place yourself on the cover of Shop Til You Drop or just sit back and relax at the cafe or the Tempus Two Bar.  You were pretty much pampered to the max and well who wouldn't enjoy a day like that!  One of my favourite parts was the Shop Til You Drop Fashion Clinic.  Here you were given the chance to meet the Shop Til You Drop team, in which they gave advice regarding the seasons trends (yes I already knew the trends, but I love listening to the best and their interpretations).  The Fashion Clinic also included a Make Up Masterclass, Hair trends from the runway and designer interviews.  You could even purchase the latest Shop Til You Drop magazine at a cheaper price.  (Unfortunately this had to be the one issue I assisted on through work experience at Shop Til You Drop)  Apparently there was even a Nintendo stand to entertain all the male companions.  I didn't know about this, it took a male friend of mine to inform me.   
Shop Til You Drop's Fashion Weekend Sydney pretty much covered everything and gave everyone the knowledge and tools to cover them from this upcoming, cold, more like freezing, winter season.  I think the only thing that annoyed everyone was the payment system for purchases.  While the payment booths seemed like a good idea with regards to consistency, it became really frustrating!  Comparing the last time I went with this time, yes they have gone above and beyond, but I miss the goodie bags!  The one with the Shop Til You Drop Magazines and other ACP Magazines.  But what Fashionista wouldn't want to attend Fashion Weekend!  They are normally on about twice a year, so be sure to check out the next one!
The runway show
The Tony and Guy Styling
A few of the stores
 The Fashion Clinic with Shop Til You Drop's Editor and Fashion Editor

Fashion Forward Festival

Just when you thought fashion week was over... it continued for an extra two weekends!
Fashion Forward Festival
Fashion Forward Festival is held by the non-profit organisation 'Fashion Foundation of Australia.'  Their aim is to promote new and emerging Australian fashion designers as well as raising money for the AIDS Trust of Australia.  The event consisted of designer stalls, around the clock runway shows, live entertainment, and special guests.  The event ran from Friday through to Sunday.  I worked there on the Saturday night and was fortunate to be a part of the 'The Alize Runway Party'.  The runway party was hosted by Industrie  Ambassador and model Didier Cohen and Australia's Next Top Model's Jordan Loukas. Other special guests who attended on the Friday night included Erin McNaught and designer Peter Morrissey. Saturday's runway party also consisted of a runway show of course, which showcased the upcoming designers who participated in the event.  I assisted stylist Heather Cains who is also the editor of Tangent Magazine. The party also included entertainment by ALIVE Entertainment which included dancers from So You Think You Can Dance!   What I loved about this event is that it really supported emerging and upcoming talent and designers in the fashion industry.  I witnessed some really interesting designs and concepts and was also fortunate to meet few of these people.  Thought I would introduce you to four of my favourite designers of the day!  I've spent the past week speaking with these designers and researching their labels and I'm truly fascinated! 
Didier Cohen, Erin McNaught and Peter Morrissey
Billycock Denim and Co 
Firstly, this brand has amazing potential and the designers are so dedicated and passionate, that it can only get better! So who is Billycock Denim and Co?  Let me introduce to Jeremy and Goldy the crazy, edgy, dynamic duo from Bondi Beach....that is Billycock Denim!  Before anything, I thought I'd start with the name Billycock Denim, because that itself grabs anyone's attention!  You will be surprised to find, that it actually has it an interesting meaning! So billycock is actually a hat worn by the 'Scuttlers' who were gangsters that emerged out of Manchester in the 1870s.  They were Britain's first youth cult who wore eccentric clothing and participated in gang warfare.  "Billycock draws its inspiration from ‘The Scuttlers’ attitudes and ideas of brotherhood and living for the streets."
Billycock Denim and Co's core product is of course denim.  All their pieces are made using Japanense denim and they are manufactured in Australia in order to ensure only the highest quality product.  What makes Billycock Denim's so different is that each pair and batch is unique.  Their aesthetic direction is innovative and fresh as they experiment with different washes and techniques in order to create and achieve that diverse and limited edition image.  Billycock Denim has featured in magazines including the Fashion Journal and Northside Magazine and they have even appeared in Dilemmas Magazine in Poland!  Billycock Denim is not just available in Australia but also on an international front to places such as UK, Poland and America. 
What I personally love, and the reason why I was so drawn to Billycock Denim, is the fact that they are unique, non-conformists, and who's aim isn't to produce to the masses,  rather those who appreciate their label.  They do stand out and they are different, but they just shine!  And so how can you purchase Billycock Denim?  Email them at or visit their showroom for a fitting!  The future is bright for Billycock Denim who are endeavouring to not only make their product available for online purchase but they are also opening up a store in Bondi for summer!  Be sure to follow Billycock Denim on Facebook at
Billycock store at Fashion Forward Festival
As a business student I'm constantly taught about establishing a niche market and that's exactly what Ben Lipschitz and Rick Munitz the innovators of Flipsters have done. Using Ben's legal and business knowledge and Rick's innovative and design knowledge, these guys established at solution to the age old problem that is, the discomfort caused by high heels. A typical problem faced by all women after a long night of wearing high heels... well now they can carry Flipsters with them anywhere and no longer feel the discomfort faced wearing heels. Since their launch in October 2009, Flipsters have been on constant demand and even featured in magazines such as Shop Til You Drop, FHM, Take 5, To Be Bride, The Sunday and Daily Telegraph and even featured on A Current Affair. Not only was I fortunate to meet them at Fashion Forward Festival, but I was fortunate to see them again the following weekend at Fashion Weekend Sydney.
And why do we love Flipsters? "Small of size, big on comfort" What more could you ask for?  Flipsters are a small fashion pair of flip flops that have been innovatively designed to fold and be placed into a small pouch which you can coveniently place into any bag! They fold to the size of a digital camera or an Iphone! Flipsters are super sturdy and created to be used over and over again. They have been effectively created to ensure comfort via their unique folding (which actually have been created to suit the motion of your walk) as well as cushioning. Flipsters come with a small pouch and a stiletto carrier to carry your heels whilst wearing your Flipsters. Flipsters come in three sizes, Xsmall - 5 to 6, Small 7 to 8 and Medium 9 to 10. Flipsters are available in stores all over Australia including Tuchuzy Burwood and Charlie Brown Paddington and CBD (Be sure to check out their website for a full stock list) Flipsters are also available online at Be sure to follow them on Facebook!
Feminine, Girly, Pretty and Delicate... the type of clothing I can never let pass by!  This is why I was drawn to the collection by Alabakov.  Stephanie Carello is the talented designer who designs and hand makes the elegant collections, that is Alabakov.  The Alabakov collection's experiment with the classics and strong garment technique, whilst adding that stylish, fashionable, delicate element.  It also includes bold colours and prints which has been more evident in her previous collections.  Stephanie's current collection, which I was fortunate to view at Fashion Forward Festival incorporated that exclusive femininity factor.  The collection incorporated classic pieces, pastels, floral prints, sheer clothing, pretty silhouettes and delicate and intricate detailing. 
The Alabakov collection ranges from sizes 6 to 14, however garments can be specifically tailored to fit you!  As new collections are available each month, the collections are small, limited and therefore rare.  The Alabakov collection is available online at for further information contact Stephanie (all details are available on the website).  Be sure to follow Alabakov on Facebook.
Beau and Arrow
Last but not least.. Beau and Arrow the feminine, fun, bold collection designed by Tegan Kennedy.  What drew me to this collection was the vibrant, fun and exciting colour palette.  Bright orange, yellow and blue making the collection stand out from the rest!  Fashion Forward Festival was Tegan's Beau and Arrow collection debut and it definitely left a lasting impression.  Personally I was intrigued by the detailing in the frilly, flapper inspired, little, cute, skirt. 
The pieces by Beau and Arrow aim to 'unite the elegance of traditional tailoring with contemporary styling.'  The pieces are constructed using only the finest material to ensure the highest quality.  Tegan's collection has high potential and this only the beginning!  The collection is created for beautiful, strong and powerful 21st century women and so if you tick those boxes be sure to check out the collection that is Beau and Arrow.  For further details and contacts be sure to visit and ensure you follow Beau and Arrow on Facebook!
Beau and Arrow at Fashion Forward Festival
 I want to thank Jeremy and Goldy, Rick and Ben, Stephanie and Tegan for allowing me to feature your labels and thank you for all the pictures and information!  Everyone be sure to check out their designs and concepts because they truly are amazing!
Stay tuned for a recap on Fashion Weekend Sydney....

RAFW 2010 wrap up!

Trend Report RAFW 2010
RAFW 2010 is now over and so what can we look forward to wearing this Spring/Summer season for 2010? 
Pastels are a must for this upcoming spring/summer season.  This was a huge trend on the runways and evident in collections from Dion Lee, Camilla and Marc, Arsndorf, Ginger and Smart, Nicola Finetti and that's only naming a few!  I love pastels especially lilac (obviously), so I therefore cannot wait to wear this trend!  Pastels are pretty and girlie and can add that feminine factor to any ensemble.  Pastels work well with other pastels or alternatively with creams or nudes. 
It's all about the colour nude this season...  Nudes dominated the runways and appeared in nearly every show this season.  Definitely a must in every wardrobe!   Not only were nudes evident in clothing but also shoes!  A nude heel/pump is a must this season, not only are they gorgeous, but they elongate your legs.  I'm so glad I recently purchased a pair, because they are definitely an investment piece and a hot trend this spring/summer season.
Leathers can be worn all season around and whilst they are definitely huge for winter, they are evidently becoming an essential for spring/summer too.  However, for spring/summer it's all about the neutral leathers.  Leathers can be worn to add an edgy element to a girlie outfit or as seen in the Ellery show, it can be the complete outfit, with her one piece playsuit.   
Another huge trend this season is the print.  Two evident prints on the runway included geometric and floral prints.  Whilst most prints were neutral and pastel tones, some collections this season opted for neon kaleidoscopic prints.  And how to wear prints?  If you are a little daring try mismatching prints and patterns as seen in the Zimmermann and Dion Lee show. (as long as the prints are the same texture, that is!)  However, for a more toned down look try matching prints with a neutral tone such as nude or a pastel as seen in the Arsndorf collection.  
The feminine trend of drapery was also another apparent element on the runways.  The gorgeous Grecian inspired drapery dresses appeared in collections by Bianca Spender and Lisa Ho.
Sheer clothing popped up on the runways.  In my opinion sheer clothing can lead to wardrobe malfunctions! It's the type of trend if worn correctly can make you look amazing but if not and you opt to show a little too much skin, it can turn into a major fashion don't.  Personally if you are not on the runways, then don't bare all!   Place a little top or slip under to cover those 'areas.'  Take a cue from Kostantina Mittas where she opted to use sheer to create an elegant look while Camilla and Marc opted to use sheer to create a more edgy look.
Celebrity Mania
From the front row to the after party..Fashion's elite were of course out in full force for this year's RAFW.  Editors, designers, socialites, celebrities, models, and this year's highly anticipated front rowers.. bloggers!  Whilst I was fortunate to see and meet some highly influential fashion elite, that wasn't even half!
The week started off with MAC cosmetics celebrating 15 years of RAFW
Designers Bec and Bridge
Sigourney Cantelo (Vogue Australia Beauty Editor) 
Kirstie Clements and Tim Blanks
Designer Camilla Freeman-Topper
Designers Carla Zampatti and Bianca Spender
Christine Centenera (Fashion Editor at Harper's Bazaar) and Designer Josh Goot  
The highly anticipated Alex Perry show
Erin McNaught
Jonathan Pease!
Jason Dundas
Erika Heynatz and Jodhi Mearse
Fashion's elite at the Dion Lee show (and I saw them all!)
Alex Perry
Kate Waterhouse
Jackie Frank and Napoleon Perdis
 Lara Bingle
Harper's Bazaar Blackberry White Bold Party
Lara Bingle
Didier Cohen
 Camilla and Marc
The Ruby Smallbone Show
Alyssa Sutherland and Erika Heynatz
Jennifer Hawkins
The Ksubi Show
Designer Akira
Lara Bingle
Other Shows
Jennifer Hawkins at Manning Cartell
 Kate Waterhouse at Camilla (I am in obsessed with her outfit!)
 Charlotte Dawson and John Ibrahim at Jayson Brunsdon
And now I can finally remove my RAFW 2010 schedule from my wall.
Stay tuned for Fashion Forward Weekend (with the introduction of a few of the amazing designers I met) and Fashion Weekend Sydney.