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Words of Wisdom: Natasha Bedingfield - Unwritten

Tonight, the final episode of 'The Hills' ever, finally aired in Australia and yes an emotional moment for a long time 'Laguna Beach', 'The Hills' and 'The City' fan.  So I guess it only seems right that my current words of wisdom come from the one song that shaped it all, Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten.  
"Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten!"

'You are the best thing that has ever been mine!'

I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan.  I love the fact that her albums are like a diary.. A cute romance, a horrible day, a bad break-up.. There's a Taylor Swift song for every occasion!  And now finally the wait is nearly over, Taylor Swift's third album 'Speak Now' will be released on October 25th 2010! I can't wait!  Taylor has already given her fans a sneak peek at her new album with the release of her new song 'Mine',  (which I can't get out of my head).  When asked about the meaning of her new song 'Mine'  Taylor claimed,  "It's been sort of a recent tendency, and I think it's because, for me, every really direct example of love that I've had in front of me has ended in goodbye and ended in breakups and things like that.  So I think I've developed this pattern of running away when it comes time to fall in love and stay in a relationship. The song is sort of about finding the exception to that and finding someone who would make you believe in love and realize that it could work out, because I'm never ever going to go past hoping that love works out."  I already love this song and can't wait to see the film clip when it airs on MTV on Saturday globally!  And what else can we expect from Taylor Swift's new album?  According to Taylor, “These songs are made up of words I didn’t say when the moment was right in front of me.” These songs are open letters. Each is written with a specific person in mind, telling them what I meant to tell them in person.”   Here is the cover to her amazing new album!

Marie Claire Opening RAFF

Just when you thought it was all over, it decided to make a little u-turn and head back...  I'm talking about Rosemount Australian Fashion Festival!  The only difference is that this is an opportunity for consumers to see the shows.  Whilst a lot of the showcases are only review shows, it's still an amazing experience.  Before I entered the industry this was the closest thing to the real event.  This year's RAFF has definitely upgraded as it's moved from Martin Place to Sydney's Town Hall.  Better location, better seating, better bar and an elevated runway!  The event kicked off in true style last night with the Marie Claire Gala Opening showcasing 15 years of Australia's most amazing and inspirational designers.  I was fortunate to attend and Marie Claire definitely set the standard for the week.  Fashion's elite were also out and about.  I was fortunate to meet Jonathan Pease and Peter Morrissey, and saw Rachel Gilbert, Akira, Carla Zampatti, Wayne Cooper and that's just the start.  
But do not fear if you missed it last night, there are still spectacular events lined up for the week including, review shows of all your favourite collections featured at RAFW, Alex Perry's exquisite Arabian Princess Collection, Camilla Frank's gorgeous Kaftans, as well as shows by Peter Morrissey, Myer, Kookai and that's just the start!!  Here are a few pictures I took last night!
The Lilac Mannequin dress!!

It's a love story!

Ok I admit.. I've seen every episode of Lizzie McGuire including the movie, one of my all time favourite movies is A Cinderella Story, and everytime Come Clean plays on Laguna Beach, I can't help but sing along.  Yes whilst these days girls grow up with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.. I grew up with Hilary Duff.  So when I heard she finally said 'I do' to hockey star Mike Comrie, I was excited!  Dressed in an amazing Vera Wang gown of course and to die for  Louboutin shoes, Hilary Duff looked gorgeous.  The couple wed on August 14th, under a spectacular Santa Barbara, California sunset in front of their closest family and friends.  Hilary's mum escorted her down the aisle whilst Haylie Duff acted as her maid of honor. Sticking to tradition, Hilary decided to stick with the good old, 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.'  Hilary claimed "I wore blue underwear and borrowed all of the jewellery [from Van Cleef and Arpels], and something old was my great-grandmother's cameo, which I wore inside my dress.  The dress itself was new."  It wasn't all smooth sailing though, apparently Hilary started her day by chipping her tooth and was rushed to the dentist!  In the end, it looked like a fairytale, Cinderella wedding in true Hilary Duff style!!  Congratulations Mike and Hilary :) 
Images courtesy of OK! Weekly and HilaryDuff.NL

The Battle of the 'September Issues'

It's that time of the year again, the most important time of the year for the fashion magazine world... The September Issue.  Magazines on an international and local front, take to the battlefield.  And this year's issues are completely unforgettable!  The 'September Issue' is the biggest and most important issue of the year as it's the 'Fall Issue' and symbolises a new year in the fashion world.  Throughout the month thought I would share some of my favourite September Issues this year, because as I intern at a magazine, I love the magazine world!  I must of course start with the Vogue US September Issue.  Every year fashionistas wait in anticipation to see who Queen Anna Wintour will place on the cover of the September Issue. This year she placed the first African American on the cover of the September Issue since Naomi Campbell in 1989.  This year's infamous September Issue cover girl is Halle Berry.  Thought I'd also share a few of my favourite recent Vogue US 'September Issue' covers of the past.
Vogue US September Issue 2010 - Halle Berry in a Ralph Lauren gown
Vogue US September Issues of the Past
Sienna Miller Vogue US September 2007 (As seen in the September Issue!)
Daria Werbowy, Natalia Vodianova and Gisele Bundchen Vogue US September Issue 2004
Kate Hudson Vogue US September Issue 2002
Kirsten Dunst Vogue US September 2006
Nicole Kidman Vogue US September 2003
Charlize Theron Vogue US September 2009

Mulberry Fall 2010 Campaign

Another amazing campaign this Fall season is the new Mulberry Fall 2010 Campaign.  Featuring of course model Abbey Lee Kershaw and Hanne Gaby Odiele, the advertisement, is fun, cute, playful and the girls get up to a little mischief jumping on beds and painting outside the lines. I love this campaign!  I can't wait to see Mulberry's collections hit Australia as they open alongside Miu Miu and Zara (and that's just the start) at Sydney's new Westfield at Pitt Street Mall. 

Alex Perry's Diva Accessories

Stunning gowns by Alex Perry? Check... Alex Perry Diva accessories to compliment?  Check...  Yes, my fellow fashionistas, you heard me correctly Diva accessories by Alex Perry!  The first of four Alex Perry ranges is set to hit Diva stores this September, dazzling the stores with stunning, feminine and gorgeous, bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, and corsages.  A collection entailing pearls, pastels, tulle, lace, diamantes, embellishments, feathers and a signature butterfly motif.  Alex Perry commented on the collections claiming that he "Wanted feminine and pretty with an edge of contemporary glamour and the fresh, sexy design that Diva is followed for. "The idea is to bring clothes to life with beautiful butterflies and pretty strings of beads that drape and adorn any gorgeous gown."  I cannot wait to see the collections hit the stores, but in the meantime here is a sneak peek featuring model Juliana Forge! 
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