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Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 6

Australia's Next Top Model...One of my favourite shows, although I'm still trying to recover from the departure of the one and only Jonathan Pease from the show!  However, luckily his replacement is Josh Flinn, who is in fact an ex FBI Fashion College student!  And so this year's models were thrown well, straight in the deep end.  Models participated in Harper's Bazaar's runway show at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week 2010!  At the time of RAFW, I thought it was the walk off finale (as seen in previous seasons), but no it was in fact their debut to the fashion world.. and what a debut!  Models were dressed by the amazing Claudia Navone in outfits by Dion Lee, Willow and even Collette Dinnigan!  Some models didn't make the cut to participate in the show, whilst others made it evident that there was tough competition this season! The show definitely distinguished the models from the wannabes.  Models were given a second chance at an amazing 1960's Mad Men inspired photo shoot.  From 16 finalist a crazy 5 were eliminated from our amazing judging panel.. Sarah Murdoch, Alex Perry, Charlotte Dawson, new comer photographer Jez Smith and guest judge Priscilla from Priscillas Model Management.  Episode two spun the competition up-side-down, where models were tested on their, personality.  This is when things got interesting..clearly!  The photo shoot was an edgy denim shoot leaving many models to overcome their fear of heights!  The judging panel was joined by guest judge, Bettina Liano!!!!  And Megan was eliminated.  I got a feeling episode three is going to be interesting with makeovers!  
And so who do I think has what it takes?  I have a few favourites already, of course!  This year is very tight, finally I see some models in the making!
       Kelsey - Although the shortest model out of the bunch, there's just something about her!
Joanne - Tall and thin?..Check, Takes an amazing shot?..Check, Can walk the runway?..Check, Personality and well spoken?.. Check, A healthy 'model diet'?.. Check, Fashion conscious?  Fashion forward? (which most models lack!)..Check.... A serious competitor and does she have what it takes?  Most definitely.  
Amanda - This week she hit my radar, she has amazing potential!  I'm curious to see how she progresses.
Chantel - She's another one of my favourites, I'd like to see what makeover they have in stall for her.
Ashton and Jessica - I'm not very fond of their looks.  Ashton has that total tough look and Jessica, well you either like her look or you don't and we really don't need another Louise Van De Vorst. 
Sophie and Kimberly- The 'Barbie' and the 'Bogan'.  At first I liked Sophie until the 'Paris' in her came out. And she's cutting her hair? And Kimberly, I'm not going to say anything bad about the Bogan because last year's Cassie was the only one to hit the runways at Melbourne Fashion week and Rosemount Fashion Week.  Although I don't think she's anything like Cassie. 
Kathryn and Brittney - The two quiet ones... Let's see where the next few weeks take them, especially Kathryn!