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Rachel Zoe is pregnant!!

Rachel Zoe, my queen of fashion, confirmed just days ago via Twitter, that she and her husband Rodger, are expecting their first child!  When questions of pregnancy arose on her latest season of The Rachel Zoe Project, her ever so fashionable crew claimed 'she's too busy giving birth to Chanel dresses!'  But now that she's expecting, and the question remains, what will the most fashionable baby be wearing?  A dash of Dior, Chanel, Marc Jacobs or Burberry perhaps?  I'm curious to see how a pregnant Rachel will now dress, accentuating the baby bump or opting for more free flowy dresses?  Not only did Rachel Zoe announce her pregnancy this week, but she also received a 'Women of Achievement Award for Business Innovation'.   All I can say is congratulations Rachel Zoe!!  Be sure to watch the new season of The Rachel Zoe Project now airing in Australia and yes if you didn't already know, it is in fact Brad's last season.