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Welcome to ACP Magazines!

Take the lift up to the fifth floor and say hello to the team at Shop Til You Drop, or head to the tenth floor to observe Madison's latest editorial shoot, or perhaps take a visit to the sixth floor to Australia's highest selling magazine, The Australian Women's Weekly...But don't forget to drop past Harper's Bazaar and admire high fashion at it's very best!  Take the really slow dock lift down and pick up a few garment bags..Then head to the fashion wardrobes, where the little fashion interns work their magic..Then watch the editors frantically create a masterpiece in order to print on time... Just an average day at ACP Magazines!  In Australia there are three major printing houses, ACP Magazines which is home to magazines including Harper's Bazaar and the Australian Women's Weekly, Pacific Magazines which is home to Marie Claire and Instyle and News Limited which is home to Vogue.  I've seen shows filmed at the US magazines and we all saw the making of The September Issue.. But now it's time to head behind the scenes at one of Australia's largest printing houses, ACP Magazines.  The show called 'Park St', will head behind the scenes of magazines including Shop Til You Drop, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Madison and Dolly.  Whilst I currently work at one of ACP's other magazines, I have interned at one of those magazines featured, therefore I'm really excited!  I'm curious to see just how much of the atmosphere working at a magazine is captured by the camera crew.  It's so busy, frantic, you never stop and sometimes... not so glamorous, but when the magazine hits the shelf, it's all worth it!  The show will air on Arena TV Feb 23rd.  So swipe your security tag and welcome to ACP Magazines!