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LIFE with BIRD Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Today I was fortunate to attend LIFE with BIRD's Spring/Summer 2011 presentation.  Designers Nicholas Van Messner and Bridget McCall opted for a minimalistic approach to 'The Way' collection.  The venue, Boutwell Draper Gallery, embraced the collection with its simplicity.  The make-up by MAC was simple, fresh and luminous and complimented the hair by Redken, which was swept to the side.   
The collection itself, was inspired by "the central feeling of rejuvenation.  Waking in the morning and feeling invigorated."  The collection was segmented into two parts.  The first part consisted of simple, sheer, nude basics worn with Nearly Nude underwear.  The second part consisted of oversized silhouettes including flowy dresses and maxi dresses, tailored jackets and shorts, drapery and layering.  The colour palette created the sense of a 'morning dew'... pretty pastels and prints including lilac, dusty pink, greys and blues.  And as for the shoes?  I was completely drawn to the lilac wedges!  A delicate and minimalistic collection that truly embraced the art of simplicity!  Below are a few photos that I took.

Stay tuned for Thurley and Carla Zampatti!