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Vogue September Issues 2011

I love September...yes it's my birthday, but it's also when the biggest magazine issues are printed!  I'm talking about the 'September Issues', which have just hit the shelves.  The 'September Issue' or more commonly known as the 'Fall Issue', is the most important issue of the year, as it symbolises a new year in the fashion world.  Every year, fashionistas around the world wait in anticipation to see who will grace the cover of their favourite fashion magazine.  The cover of Vogue US is considered to be the most prestigious.  This year Anna Wintour chose Kate Moss as her cover girl.  I've just purchased a copy of this issue..the first of many I'll be purchasing this month!  However, the prize this year for the best Vogue cover goes to Vogue Australia..Kirstie Clements has done us proud!
Vogue Australia and Vogue US
Vogue UK