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Dream a Little Dream with Sportsgirl!

If you've walked into a Sportsgirl store lately, you probably would have noticed their amazing 'Make Believe' campaign.  This is definitely one of favourite Sportsgirl campaigns because it's all about following your dreams and believing that anything is possible!  Sportsgirl have asked bloggers to join their 'Believe' initiative and spread to word in encouraging everyone to follow their dreams. So here are the questions we have been asked to answer and share with you!
As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?
I guess you could say I've always dreamed big.  As a child I wanted to be a swimmer, a dancer, a singer and a businesswoman.
Did you make this dream come true or change your mind?
As soon as I discovered my love for fashion....everything changed!  Yes I ended up studying business, but everything I do now involves my love of fashion.  Fashion has allowed me to dream bigger than I have ever dreamed before.
What is your favourite childhood memory?
My brother and I were quite adventurous and inquisitive, so there was never a dull moment!  I remember travelling to Europe with my family, summer school holidays with friends and of course Christmas with all my cousins, counting how many Christmas beetles we could find!
The biggest dream you have right now?
I'm fresh out of University and I guess you could say 'the world is my runway!'  My biggest dream right now....NEW YORK FASHION WEEK.  I want to attend and blog New York Fashion Week, and I should probably add Paris, London and Milan to that dream too!  I always want to remain working in the Fashion Industry!
Your summer must-have pick from the current Sportsgirl range?
I'm all about metallics and sequins this season and therefore my picks would have to be: