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Haute Couture!

The weekend, a time of total inspiration for my blog from fashion to just general conversation. This post is inspired by a conversation I had with ‘someone’ over the weekend. He told me about his plans to attend a Haute Couture fashion themed party. Of course I thought it was the best theme ever, when we actually figured out the theme! Yes, not everyone knows the language of fashion, its meaning and well the pronunciation! (Yes I'm still laughing and his pronunciation was adorable!) Fortunately, I was there to lend a helping hand and so I thought it was time to give the low down on fashion jargon.
Fashion language… till this day I still learn new terms, from my styling class, to fashion journalism and even my visual merchandising class.  Except I thought I'd inform you on the three most important words in fashion language.  That's right, Haute Couture, Ready to Wear and Avant-Garde. All three terms derive from the runway.
Haute Couture is French for high sewing or high dress making.  Haute Couture garments are those one off exclusive and extravagant pieces, normally only a vision for the general public.  They are worn on the runways and red carpets.  These pieces involve creative genius and allow designers to go above and beyond expressing different views!  They are of high standard, using only the highest quality materials and fabrics and normally involve a high level of detail.
Dior - This collection was unbelievable! And well anything with a bow is good in my books!
Chanel, Chanel, Chanel... Love, Love, Love!
Elie Saab
Ready to wear is pretty self explanatory.  It's the collections you can take straight from the runway and wear them day to day.  Ready to wear are those collections available to the public, mass produced and made in a variety of sizes.
Alexis Mable
Avant-Garde... think extravagant and times it by 10! Avant-Garde collections are when fashion turns into pure art.  When designers push the limits and what is socially acceptable to express an opinion.  It's radical, creative, innovative and normally theatrical.  It's like nothing you have ever seen before!
Christian Siriano (From the Project Runway Avant-Garde challenge)