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'A Hollywood Ending'

It all began in Laguna Beach, where we watched young Lauren Conrad 'LC', finish her senior year.  We all fell in love with Lauren and followed her to Los Angeles and watched her live her fashion dreams.  And so it began.. the very first season of 'The Hills.'  When I think back to first season, I think Teen Vogue, Lauren and Jason, Heidi and Jordan, Bolthouse, Whitney, Audrina and well life was pretty good.  Six seasons later and a lot has changed!  We've witnessed the highs and the lows, the drama, fights and the glamour.  We were introduced to some unforgettable characters like Spencer and Justin Bobby.  We felt Lauren's pain as we watched her closest friends such as Heidi and Jen betray her and watched her realise her true friends like Whitney and Lo.  We watched them all fall in love, we watched the heartbreak.  We listened to Lauren's words of wisdom and watched her be re-united with blasts from the past.  We followed Lauren and Whitney through the crazy fashion world, from their internship at Teen Vogue to guidance of Kelly at People's Revolution.  We watched the infamous Speidi wedding and watched Heidi turn into Malibu Barbie.  We said goodbye to Whitney as she left for 'The City'.  And we watched Lauren hand over 'The Hills' to Kristin and we knew things would never be the same again.  Now six seasons later, it has all come to an end, where 'The Hills' cast joined together for one last time for the finale of the very last season.  Whilst Australian fans are at the begininning of the end, American fans said goodbye for the very last time as the finale aired less than a week ago.
Everyone was in attendance, even Lauren and Whitney returned!!  Except where were Heidi and Spencer?  Whitney and Lauren looked amazing as usual!  Here a few photos from the finale as well as a few of my favourites from the past seasons of 'The Hills'.         
A Look Back at The Hills