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Gossip Girl in Paris!

If you blinked, you would have missed it! One of the biggest style icons Ed Westwick or as we all know and love 'Chuck Bass' spent three days on Australia's shore.  I know.. I would have loved to have met him too!  As he left Australia's shore, he headed to Paris, for of course the filming of Gossip Girl Season 4, finally!  Yes my fellow Upper East Side lovers, Gossip Girl is back and more fashionable than ever before.  I think if Ed is filming it's safe to assume that Chuck is alive!  And where did Gossip Girl Season 3 leave off?......Well Chuck gave Blair an ultimatum and we re-lived the famous scene from 'An Affair to Remember' in this case Derota gave birth and so Blair was too late meeting Chuck at the Empire State Building.  Upset, he turned to and slept with little Jenny, which in fact was her first time.  Then Blair finally made it to Chuck and reconciled.  However, Dan, angry at Chuck belted him, just as he was about to propose to Blair.  Consequently it all came out.  Blair and Serena left for Paris, Georgina rocked up carrying Dan's baby, Nate was upset with Serena and rebelled, Jenny was sent to live with her mum, and Chuck got mugged, the ring got stolen and he got shot!!  And so where does that leave Season 4 of the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite?  Spotted... B and S canoodling with two mystery men.  Could this be a new chance at love?   
Here is a sneak peek!
Blair in Moschino and Serena in Georges Chakra Couture
In love with Blair's Chanel cuff!
Shopping in Paris!
This little purple dress is exquisite!
A signature and of course stunning Blair outfit and well a glimpse at her new mystery man!
Love this outfit!  Serena's wardrobe has definitely altered, her new Paris ensembles are taking Gossip Girl to a whole new level!
Completely amazing.. Serena in Tibi blue crop pants and an amazing Emilio Pucci blazor, complimented with Brian Atwood pumps!
  Serena's new man?

Serena's Pierre Hardy Metallic shoes are amazing!
And so where is Chuck Bass?  Apparently he is in also in Paris with a mystery girl..  Will he run into Blair?  Oh and yeah he currently has a walking stick and a limp.. 

  You know you love me.. xoxo Gossip Girl