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Australia's Next Top Model Final Three!

Can you believe it's already the live finale of Australia's Next Top Model?! My last ANTM post was back at week 2 and since then, what an amazing season it has been.  I'm a huge Top Model follower, I've seen every season of Australia's Next Top Model, not to mention America's Next Top Model and New Zealand's version too, and this has been one of my favourite seasons ever.  Never have I seen a season that has produced such amazing top models, and where the competition is pretty much anyone's game.  I think that's why this year's final decision has been left to the public's vote.  Not only is it the first time it's 100% the public's vote, but viewers were stunned to hear that in fact it was left at a final three!  That's how good the final three models are, the judges can't decide!  Yes, from my previous posts I've had my favourites from the start.  I was sad to see Kathryn and Joanne leave but I'm so excited to see both Kelsey and Amanda in the final!  Kelsey Martinovich from NSW has been my favourite from the very start, there was just something about her!  She really does deserve to be there, okay she's shorter than the rest, but she can walk the runway and take some gorgeous shots.  Not to mention she did win the majority of competitions including the 'Impulse' advertisement, the 'U' advertisment too, and an array of others.  Her Harper's Bazaar shots were my favourite out of the three, they were exquisite, but by far my favourite photo shoot of her was the beauty shot where she just got her makeover, the one where Claudia gave her approval!  Amanda Ware from the Gold Coast, caught my eye in week 2 and since then I've watched her blossom into an amazing model both runway and editorial.  My favourite Amanda shot would have to be the swimwear and the Burberry one on the yacht!  What I love about Amanda is how the world is her runway.  When I saw her at Alex Perry's Rosemount Fashion Festival runway she was truly stunning.  And Sophie Van Den Akker.. from Barbie and 'Paris', to Ken (as Josh Flinn would say), to model material.  She is really the underdog of the competition.  I never thought I'd actually see her in the final three!  I felt so sorry for her when they cut her hair!  But since then she has embraced her inner model and like magic, has produced amazing shots.  I also saw her at Alex Perry's show and she can strut that runway!  Not since Alice, have I seen such model material girls in the final and it really is anyone's game!  Here's a look back at Kelsey, Amanda and Sophie!
(Images courtesy of Fox8 and Telstra)
Now it's your turn for you to be the judge!  I absolutely love this ANTM new advertisement, I just had to post it!  Every time I hear this song it just makes me want to put on some heels and walk a runway!  Don't forget to tune in Tuesday at 7:30pm on Fox8 for the live finale!!
Australia's Next Top Model New Final Three Advertisement - Click to View
Stay tuned for a very special post featuring Australia's Next Top Model mentor Josh Flinn!!