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Like it's her Birthday!!

September is my favourite month, not only because of the September issues, but also because September 5th is my birthday!  I've thought over and over as to what would be my 'birthday post'.  So I decided to enlist the very best to help me create a complete 'Shut it Down' post..... Never fear Rachel Zoe is here!  If you didn't already know, Rachel Zoe is my favourite fashion mentor, but what makes it even more special and why I've decided to dedicate this post to her, is because her birthday is in fact a few days before mine!  What an amazing coincidence!  I'm assuming my fellow fashionista followers know exactly who Rachel Zoe is, but if you don't... like myself, she is a complete fashion fanatic and pretty much lives and breathes it.  Rachel is an amazing, talented and incredible stylist who has an exquisite eye for fashion.  She dresses the likes of celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Demi Moore and that's just the start!  However, she's more than just a stylist, Rachel has created the Rachel Zoe empire.  She is infamously known for her completely addictive reality show 'The Rachel Zoe Project,' she is now creating a new clothing line, has her name on an amazing faux fur collection, she sits front row at every fashion week, is a highly demanded stylist, released her very own fashion book, and I don't know about you, but I love receiving my daily 'Zoe Report.'  Rachel has an impeccable taste for fashion, so who wouldn't want to raid her wardrobe and seek all her fashion knowledge! 
What distinguishes Rachel Zoe from the rest is her quirky personality and well her 'Zoe-ism!'  'That's Bananas', 'Out of Control,'  'Shut it Down' 'A....Moment' and everyone's favourite 'I Die.'  'I Die'.......Rachel's infamous word used when she is overly excited over a gown, a bag, pumps, a ring..  It's her expression for love, or as I like to call it when I'm in one of these situations 'A Rachel Zoe I die moment!'  What would happen if we really took this expression literally and Rachel Zoe did really die at the hands of her favourite designers and for fashion?  Well that's exactly what Harper's Bazaar was thinking for the creative brief behind the most absolutely incredible and creative editorial spread I have ever seen.  Harper's Bazaar has taken Rachel Zoe's 'I die' to a whole new level for Harper's Bazaar's US September 2010 issue creating the 'I Die' editorial featuring Rachel Zoe 'dying' at the hands of fashion alongside some of her favourite designers.  It has to be seen to be believed!
Rachel dying at the hand of Marc Jacobs as he electrocutes her head with the dryer.  Rachel wears a Marc Jacobs dress of course! 
Rachel dying at the hand of designer Francisco Costa.  Here Rachel is wearing a Calvin Klein dress.
 Rachel dying at the hand of Bryan Atwood none other than him stabbing her with one of his amazing pumps.  Here Rachel is wearing a Derek Lam gown.
 Rachel dying at the hand of Michael Kors as he buries her alive in a pile of bags. 
Rachel dying at the hand of Vera Wang as she pours her potion from her ring into Rachel's martini glass.  Here Rachel is featured in a Vera Wang gown of course! 
You didn't think I'd stop there did you?  Not when it comes to Rachel Zoe!!  Thought I'd also share a few of my 'Rachel Zoe I die moments' with a few of my favourite 'Out of Control' Rachel Zoe shoots and outfit moments, where Rachel Zoe completely 'Shut it Down'