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Lauren Conrad is back!

Lauren Conrad is back.. back to reality tv that is!  The end of one chapter and the beginning of another.. as Lauren Conrad left The Hills, she opened the door to a more mature part of her life.  Goodbye drama, hello fashion world domination!  Lauren Conrad has been working everyday towards her fashion career since she was 17 years old and now finally she has made it.. and we get to along for the ride!   The new reality show features the amazing Lauren Conrad empire!  According to Lauren Conrad "This time the focus is going to be on my job, and while that's still personal to me, I will also have a part of my life that can be mine."  In other words the show will focus on her professional life, rather than her personal life like we saw on 'The Hills'.  This means we probably won't see her current long term boyfriend Kyle Howard, but we will see the commotions of her best selling book launches, as well as the process and launch of her new label Paper Crown.  Lauren has come a long way from her life on Laguna Beach and I can't wait to see her new fashionista business life!  And where did Lauren's fashion career begin?...At Teen Vogue, Interning like we all do assisting on photo shoots and events as well as working in the fashion department!  And now she's actually in attendance at Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood Party! (which she worked at on one of the first episodes of The Hills)  Not forgetting to mention that in fact Teen Vogue decided to commemorate this moment by placing Lauren Conrad on the cover of Teen Vogue's November issue.  Here is a glimpse of her pretty little editorial spread! 
(Images courtesy of Teen Vogue)