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Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 - Chanel and Valentino

I had posts lined up that would feature New York, London and Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 collections, however, collections by Valentino and Chanel literally just hit the Paris 2011 runway and they have now taken over The Lilac Mannequin!  I love both Valentino and Chanel and I always wait in anticipation for the collections to grace the runway. Karl Lagerfeld always has a way of gasping audiences at every Chanel show, by exquisite pieces and breathtaking surroundings.  And of course this collection was no exception!  Lagerfeld has a tendency to create his collections through the inspiration of his dreams..  This collection was a little different.  Lagerfeld was inspired by the 1960s film 'Last Year at Marienbad' where he recreated one of the most famous garden scenes including gorgeous fountains.  With this in mind Lagerfeld created a collection with a little rock edge including clothing with holes and unfinished edges.  But that wasn't all, the collection included typical Chanel signature pieces with a young, free spirited touch not forgetting to mention his ladylike, cute pieces.  Somehow he incorporated all elements and created a unique, detailed and exquisite collection with over 80 pieces, each with their own individual persona!  
The Valentino collection carried on from the inspiration of their recent Haute Couture collection aiming at the younger generation.  I love the use of silks, frills and ruffles, lace, bows and Valentino's signature red in this collection.  Valentino's collections always have a feminine, pretty, ladylike, simple yet delicate touch.  The collection incorporated pretty dresses, elegant maxis, and for a little twist cute little shorts!  I couldn't ask for more from a Valentino collection.
     And who sat front row at the events.. a few of my favourites of course!
Olivia Palermo at Valentino
Rachel Bilson at Chanel
Stay tuned for more from Fashion Week!