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Fashion Profile: Rachel Gilbert

Rachel Gilbert is one of my favourite Australian designers and I was so fortunate to meet her.  Rachel's collections are exquisite, elegant and glamorous, and personally I couldn't ask for more from a collection!  Straight out of fashion college she worked at Lisa Ho, before she was recruited to work as Head designer at Nicky Hilton's label Chick in the US!  When she returned to Australia, Rachel worked at Morrissey and then began on her very own line.  In 2010 Rachel Gilbert featured her first standalone collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week.   Rachel's pieces are worn by celebrities both locally and internationally, including my personal favourite, Taylor Swift.  And where can you purchase Rachel Gilbert's collections?  Online from her website as well as online fashion sites Net-A-Porter and Frockshop.  Her collection is also available at various boutiques throughout Australia.  Rachel Gilbert is an absolutely amazing designer and definitely one to watch! Thought I'd featured her new High Summer 2010 which is now available as well as her Spring 2010 collection featured at Rosemount Fashion Week. What's the best thing about Rachel Gilbert... The fact that she uses lilac!!  Yes I'll be purchasing from both these collections!
High Summer 2010 collection featuring model Samantha Harris
Spring 2010 collection