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Freshwater Blue... The new Laguna Beach?

I admit I love my reality TV... The Rachel Zoe Project, Project Runway, Australia's Next Top Model, The Hills, The City, 8th and Ocean and the list continues!  So when I heard that Australia was making their very own version of Laguna Beach/Newport Harbour, addiction was clearly inevitable!  For those who don't know, Laguna Beach is where it all began.. for Lauren Conrad, that is.  An MTV reality TV show based around the lives of those living at Laguna Beach.  We were introduced to memorable characters, like LC, Stephen, Kristen, Jason, Kendra and Cameron.  But after three seasons the show moved up the shore to Newport Harbour.  This only lasted a season as followers were drawn to The Hills and The City.  And so now, it's all about MTV's Freshwater Blue.  Freshwater is located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney and the show is based around the concept of Laguna Beach, except unlike Laguna Beach, this crew have just finished high school. The show aired a few days ago and I'm already intrigued.  As for the cast?  I'm all about team Nicola, she's the Lauren Conrad of the show and the show is somewhat based around her.  Nicola's best friend is Luke and he is a total sweetheart.  Nicola's other friends include, Nikki 'The life and soul of the party', Joey 'The one with her heart on her sleeve' and Lize.. Lize is dating Rob and they are the couple of the show, but apparently they are always getting together and breaking up.  And then there's Monique, the self proclaimed virgin waiting for Mr Right.  She's friends with Annika... Nicola's nightmare.. she's all about DRAMA!  Lastly, there's Jesse, he is the wild party animal.  So if you aren't already addicted, tune in next week as the crew head up to the Gold Coast for Schoolies, where you know drama is inevitable!