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Never Fear, Flipsters are Here!

A few weeks ago I attended Fashion Weekend Sydney. There I ran into Ben and Rick the creators of the amazing footwear innovation, Flipsters whom I met a year ago at Fashion Forward Festival. I was really excited to see just how much Flipsters had grown since then! When I first blogged Flipsters a year ago, there was one style and about two colours to choose from.  A year later and the Flipsters original style is now available in more colours and the Flipsters product range now includes fold up ballerina Flipsters flats. When I'm not in heels I'm in ballerina flats, so when Ben and Rick handed me a pair of Flipsters ballerina flats to try, I was quite excited! The Flipsters flats are available in three colours, black, silver and black and white. Whilst I spent the time trying to decide which colour to choose (a very hard decision because I love all three), the guys' main aim was to ensure comfort and fit with the right size. Sizes range from 5-12, so no matter what your size, Flipsters have you covered. So what do I love about my new Flipsters flats? The most important thing, comfort. The sole of the shoe is cushioned and strategically designed to ensure comfort. What amazes me about Flipsters is how they small, directly into a little pouch, that can fit into a clutch and weigh next to nothing! If only I had a pair of Flipster flats during fashion week! For more information or to purchase a pair of Flipsters head to Oh and I ended up with the black pair.. I'm always in tights and they suit them perfectly.