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Romance was Born RAFW 2010

Jurassic growls, Dinosaur stomping, birds chirping, smog slithering across the ground, lights flashing, trees swaying, a dark and gloomy place...... What is that you ask?   Dirt runway, volcano girl, long nails, neon knee high boots, Cassie tied up, crystals, giant vintage bride and a turtle?.....Why it's Romance was Born's new Renaissance Dinosaur collection! As night fell on day three of RAFW our little friends came out to play.. it's like nothing you have ever seen before and like nothing you will ever see again!  Romance was Born took us for a ride through their magical jungle... This was not just art, this was a pure masterpiece!
The Romance was Born show was one that went above and beyond.  The prep for this show was an all day thing.  I arrived at Sydney University's vintage/Hogwarts like MacLaurin Hall at about 3pm for a show that wasn't set to start until 9:30pm.  I honestly thought I had walked into another world!  What did I see?  A catwalk unlike anything before.  A dirt, 'fake volcanic ash' runway surrounded by rocks, ancient artefacts, spiders, crystals, trees, smog, incense burning and wait for it, a giant turtle at the end of the runway!  Yes fashion's elite were in for a treat.  
My day started off prepping goodie bags... sponsored by Pandora (therefore Pandora bags) front row guests received Pandora jewellery, a Romance was Born scarf, nail polish, fudge hair products and an overload of samples!   Once the goodie bags were prepped then came the fun part.  As models were still at other shows, the production team needed 'stand in models' for rehearsals.  Yes myself and my fellow FBI Fashion College friends walked the runway!  This was something I have always wanted to do, however I was nervous because Luke Sales (one half of Romance was Born) was there watching!  By this stage words like 'volcano girl' and 'giant bride' were thrown around, which left us all completely puzzled, that is until we walked into the dressing rooms.  Audiences were in for an interesting night!
After hours of prep, things were finally coming to light.  As guests arrived they were greeted "by velvet cloaked attendants led to a glittering runway misted in incense, shimmering with primordial power,"  according to Marie Claire.  Well fortunately I was one of those velvet cloaked attendants!  I wore a black velvet cloak with a hoodie, think Harry Potter gone gothic!  This enabled me to stand front row at yet another show and I rubbed shoulders with guests including Kirstie Clements and Tim Blanks (for the second time that day), Jackie Frank (Editor of Marie Claire), Silverchair's Daniel Johns (Because his girlfriend is one of the models), Susie from Style Bubble and I even spoke with designer Akira!  And who was on the line up for the runway?  Models Samantha Harris, Louise Van De Vorst, Alexandra Agoston and Cassie Van Den Dungen.
The show was scheduled for 9:30pm but due to models at the Kostantina Mittas show, it didn't start till 11pm.  This didn't seem to faze guests as the place was completely full!   And so, the lights dimmed, the place went quiet, the smog slithered across the ground the Jurassic footsteps grew louder and louder until the first model took to the runway.  The audience cheered and roared!
Romance was Born’s Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett created a magical fashion jungle. Their theatrical and creative aesthetic was one of a true masterpiece. It had to be seen to be believed… models with long nails, neon high boots, extravagant headpieces, outrageous make-up, body paint and kaleidoscopic prints. I hope the pictures do it justice!
See Cassie from Australia's Next Top Model tied up!
Take a close look at this dress, it has fake nails on it!
Let me introduce you to the one and only Volcano Girl!
And for the final piece of the collection?  Madonna's Like a Prayer blasts and out comes a giant bride!  One model on another model's shoulders, draped in a vintage lace gown. 
And what does Luke Sales (One half of Romance was Born) have to say? "It's about time travel and forming a portal between the Jurassic era and the birth of the Renaissance; dinosaurs coming back and the lower class rising up and being able to wear what they want," According to Marie Claire (Jackie Frank)
Don't say I didn't warn you!!
Stay tuned for Dion Lee