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Day 3 RAFW 2010

Day three of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is one that I will never forget!  It was the very first time I was actually a part of the event, I was living a dream!  Where to start with the day?  I guess with the 6:30am start!  The first show of the day was the Therese Rawsthorne show at Bay 12 of The Australian Technology Park.  It was one of the longest runways I have ever seen!  After three hours of prep the guests finally arrived and lucky for me, I was an usher and pretty much saw everyone and the show!  The guest list included, Kate Waterhouse, blogger Susie from Style Bubble, the team from Marie Claire and Kirstie Clements Editor of Vogue (my heart actually skipped a beat).  If there was one person I actually wanted to see this week, it was her! Standing right next to the crazy media at the end of the runway, I saw my very first RAFW show!  It was an amazing collection and like most collections this season the main focus was on the colour nude mixed with pastels.  Whilst she also used that unexpected twist of prints (now an expected twist this season), Therese stunned us all with the use of a glamorous red!  Her collection entailed a combination of silks, cocktail dresses, leggings, high rise harem pants and structured blazers.  I loved the hair styling used in this show.
   The long runway!  They walked right around the other side of the poles too!
(Photo by Style Bubble)
Whilst my next show wasn't till Romance was Born at night, the day was full with collections by Alice McCall, Manning Cartell, Jayson Brusdon, Anna and Boy, Kostantina Mittas, Bianca Spender and the list continues!  I'd love to cover them all, but since there are so many, thought I'd pick a few of my favourites.
Jayson Brunsdon... The very first thing I heard about this show is that nightclub owner John Ibrahim was in attendance as Ibrahim's other half is a valued Jayson customer.  (the girl has class and style, not just anyone likes Jayson Brunsdon!)  But what was the collection like?  True Jayson Brunsdon style!  Simple, classic, elegant and feminine... love, love, love it!  The collection entailed a lot of structured items and a classic colour pallet, white with a mixture of nudes and pastels.  He also gave his collection a twist with the use of embellishments (like beading and sequins) and the stylist has done an amazing job with the finishing touches, the bags, belts..
Bianca Spender....Ever since I saw Bianca Spender backstage at the David Jones Launch 2010, I've had her on my radar.  I was curious to see her new collection and I think it was amazing!  I love the delicate, flowy silk dresses!  She used a combination of pastels, nudes and earthy tones like dark apricot.  It's the first collection I've seen where the models were in flats.  I love the unusual and different hair style and make up.
Kostantina Mittas...This was another one of my favourite collections of the day!  A really classy, yet modern collection.  Her colour pallet is gorgeous, a combination of greys, nude, black, and a dash of pastels and even a mustard yellow.  I love her pieces with the geometric ruffles and the teased up hair is so perfect for the collection.
Stay tuned for part two of day three at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, that's right the Romance was Born show!  A show that I guarantee the fashion industry will never forget and yes I saw it all!  Also to come a recap of day four including the Dion Lee show I was at and a recap of day five, the final day.  Lastly.... The after parties!!!!