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RAFW 2010 Day Two - Zimmermann and Camilla & Marc!

Day two of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week started off on a high note thanks to collections by Zimmermann and Camilla & Marc!  As I'm a huge Zimmermann and Camilla & Marc fan, I thought I would dedicate one post just to them!  I've waited in anticipation for these new collections to hit the runway and I was stunned and amazed, especially with the Camilla and Marc collection.
Camilla and Marc
This collection truly reminded me why I have always been a Camilla and Marc Fan!  The collection came out in true, classic, Camilla and Marc style, just what I have been waiting for!  The collection is completely opposite to their previous dark and structured collection.  Their new collection is so feminine and delicate.  I love their colour pallet, their use of pastels and earthy tones including lilac, sky blue, teal, greys, apricots and of course nude.  Like most collections this season, prints are evident as well as pale leathers.  What made this collection even more special is that it featured Camilla and Marc's new jewellery and handbag collection.  The collection includes chunky gold statement rings and delicate long earrings. This truly was an impressionable and inspiring collection and picking outfits for my blog has become a challenge!
The Zimmermann collection was like art!  This was due to their innovative use of prints.  On one hand they used edgy geometric prints which was then contrasted on the other hand with girlie floral prints.  It was amazing how well they complimented each other and kept me completely intrigued.  Another interesting factor was the juxtaposition between dark gothic like colours with pastels.  The icing on the cake was the black-cherry lips!  I absolutely love the high waisted swimwear!  A truly memorable collection.
        Stay tuned for part two of day two of Rosemount Fashion Week.  This includes collections by Nicola Finetti, Little Joe, Ellery and of course Alex Perry!  What will day 3 consist of?  Shows by Alice McCall, Manning Cartell, Bianca Spender, Jayson Brunsdon, Kostantina Mittas, Anna & Boy and of course I will be there at the Therese Rawsthorne and the highly anticipated Romance was Born show!  I cannot hold in my excitement :)